KMP Models Logging Kits

 HO ScaleS ScaleO Scale
Steam Sawmill w/Planer80.75159.50167.50
Sawmill Outbuildings (4)66.5089.50167.59
Spar Tree35.2549.5052.75
Steam Pile Driver57.50170.25185.50
Willamette (Humbolt) Loader Steam Donkey57.50170.25185.50
Willamette (Humbolt) Yarder Steam Donkey57.50170.25185.50
Yard Camp Cars (4)79.50110.25142.25

New Rail Models

Throttle Pockets9.7524.50

RS Laser

2013Eatery at Forks30.95

LABELLE Lubricants

101Gear Oil (older type not plastic compatible)5.75
102Gear Oil (plastic compatible)9.40
106Teflon Grease9.40
107Multi Purpose Medium Weight9.40
108Multi Purpose Light Weight9.40

Blackstone Caboose Lighting Kits

Featuring Hyperlight® and dimming functions plus solder
pads for attaching marker lamps, a FRED and more.
Measures 80mm x 18mm x 13mm

Originally $35.95 –  Now $26.50

Kadee® Couplers

705HOn3 assembled (2 pr)4.95
714HOn3 (2 pr)2.95
803On3 (2 pr)5.75

Microscale Decal Solutions


Durango Press

DP-67Standard Gauge Water Tank41.25

Raggs to Riches

MB1-2SMine Buildings – Sets #1&#2125.00
RND-SRandolph Depot125.00

San Juan Car Company

K201On3  D&RGW  3’7″ Archbar Truck Kit – Brown10.95
K202On3  D&RGW  3’7″ Archbar Truck Kit – Black10.95
K203On3  D&RGW Caboose Truck Kit11.75
K208On3  D&RGW  4’8″ Andrews Truck Kit – Brown11.75
K209On3  D&RGW  4’8″ Andrews Truck Kit – Black11.75
K212On3 C&S Bettendorf Truck Kit9.95
K232On3 RTR  3’7″ Archbar Trucks KIT – Black9.95
K206-30On30 Westside Type 1A Truck Kit16.50
K209-30On30  D&RGW  4’8″ Andrews Truck Kit – Black9.95
K212-30On30 C&S Bettendorf Truck Kit9.95

Dallee Electronics

1500HiLine™ Steam Sound System121.25
400Electronic ‘E’ Unit  – 4 AMP40.25
1400Electronic ‘E’ Unit  – 10 AMP37.95
545STROBE  Light15.50

RL-LED lighting strips (adj brightness & length)

2381RL-LED 10″  – Amber29.25
2389RL-LED 18″  – Warm White45.50
2390RL-LED 18″  – Cool White45.50
2391RL-LED 18″  – Amber45.50
559Super Cap (pk / 2)14.95
378VRS – adjust, regulated power mod (1.25 – 6.25 v)33.75


MotrakCoal Loads for Blackstone EBT Hoppers (pr)4.95

Rapido “Rail Crew”

Switch Machine   (w/rotating target)17.5095.50
Switch Machine   (separate)4.75 

Banta Modelworks

HO Scale

BSC-2030Right-Of-Way Signs (62 ea) 10.50
BSC-2065 Crossing Shanty 23.95
BSC-2110 Ridgway Sandhouse 33.75
BSC-2129Silverton Truck Dump33.75
BSC-2144Lineside Shed16.50
BSC-2150Chillery’s Cafe – Front Only31.50
BSC-2152Clara’s Cabinets – Front Only40.50
T-2081Depot Baggage Wagon10.50

O Scale

BMW-102Ridgway Boxcar Storage Shed 20.95
BSC-6021Outhouse Collection (6 in 1) 31.50
BSC-6024Elevated Crossing Shanty 26.95
BSC-6030Right-Of-Way Signs (62 ea) 16.50
BSC-6065Crossing Shanty 26.95
BSC-6144Lineside Shed29.95
T-2080Depot Baggage Wagon13.50
T-20915 Board Gon Sides for Bachmann Flat Car8.25
T-2092Wood Cab On30 – HO Mantua/Model Power 2-6-6-2 Tank14.95
T-2100Closed style Cab for Bachman On30 Shay 19.50
T-2102Log Bunks w/wood deck – 24′ Bachmann Flat Car11.95
T-2107Wood Peaked Roof – Bachmann On30 Gas Mechanical14.95
T-2109Crew Cab Speeder – Bachmann On30 Gas Mechanical23.95
T-2123Wood Cab – Bachmann On30 2-8-017.95

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