Ray Kaminski
Strasburg Railroad, April 6, 2013

Changing Trains:

It seems I’ve been on trains all my life. A few transfers have been made over the years … those journeys have been both fruitful, interesting … and admittedly sometimes frustrating.

In 1995 I began dreaming about starting a hobby business that specialized in helping both novice and advanced modelers climb the rungs of that mythical ladder to create their better model railroad. There were many long drives, set-ups and tear-downs, and late night meals from good to fair. What kept me excited all these years (besides Mary) was that I helped an awful lot of people, individuals and clubs really get up those extra rungs on that ladder!

I did get a little sidetracked after some medical issues — but I fought back — and knew another transfer would be forthcoming. After shutting down the show dates as of January, 2022 we tried to have the mail order side of the shop carry the load — life interfered — COVID didn’t get us, just Crusader Rail.

Now it’s time to transfer to another train and have some fun and adventures in Maine with Mary and the Corgi’s before my fire drops for the last time.

Make no mistake, I’ll still be around. There’s always emails and phone messages to keep in touch, solve problems, get information, swap stories and images (use crusaderrail@verizon.net). Maybe we’ll bump into each other at shows in New England (and hoist a root beer or 2).

All of you have helped us in so many ways that we can’t fully explain nor fully thank you for. Again, your energy recharged us when most needed.

Walking across the platform now — just heard “2” on the train line — that train’s getting ready to leave.

Many Thanks,

Ray & Mary

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