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Carrying On: Everything remaining in stock is being offered with an additional “retirement discount”. Various items will be listed below as a teaser reflecting our remaining stock.

Our Specials Continue:

Central Valley Girder Kits – Our regular price $11.50 — NOW $10.25

#1900-5Heavy Duty Laced Bridge Girders
#1901-5Heavy Duty Windowed Bridge Girders
#1902-5Heavy Duty Box Bridge Girders
#1905-5Heavy Duty Punchplate Bridge Girders
#1906-5Heavy Duty Gusseted Bridge Girders

All Kadee® products – take an additional 10% off advertised prices

20 Series, 30 Series, Whisker® style couplers, springs, draft boxes, shims, washers, magnets
There are also 2 #309 Electric Uncouplers in stock

New Rail Models Blue Point Manual Turnout Throw – 10 pack – now $97.50

New Rail Models Throttle Pockets:Single $8.75
3 Pack $22.25
10 pack $59.75

From Micro Engineering:

Code 70 Ladder Track Turnouts remaining plus Code 83 5c Left and Right
Metal rail joiners – Code 55, 70, 100
Track Gauges – Code 55, 70, 100 Standard and Code 55, 70 in HOn3

PanPastel kits (Rust, Greys, Landscape, Scenery & Sketch) now $40.50

PanPastel individual colors now $5.85 and $6.50

Remaining Blackstone

30′ REEFER — 2nd release — a few of each remaining

Item #DescriptionRoad #MAP
B340809Flying Grande Herald3651.96
B340810Flying Grande Herald5251.96
B340811Flying Grande Herald5451.96
B340812Flying Grande Herald6951.96
B340814Moffat Tunnel Herald5051.96


B370111K-27 Road Pilot 19.96
B370112K-27 Switcher Pilot 19.96
B810137Long Caboose Lighting Kit – discontinued – some stock leftsale price >>27.75


Most inspected and never run in original boxes - more coming

Item #DescriptionRoad #Our Price
B340310W6000 Series Flat Car – Special Edition – Weathered605749.50
B340703EBT Hopper – 40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald95160.25
B340704EBT Hopper – 40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald90660.25
B340705EBT Hopper – 40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald97760.25
B340706EBT Hopper – 40’s Lettering w/EBT Herald107160.25
B340707EBT Hopper – 40’s Lettering w/EBT Heraldno #60.25
B340956Long Caboose – Flying Grande Herald54082.50

Caboose Industries Turnout Throws – take an additional 10% off our regular price

Labelle Lubricants #102, 106, 107, 108 - - - $6.95

Durango Press Standard Water Tank – $39.95

B.E.S.T. Shingles (in stock) HO Scale $4.75 and O Scale $9.75

NCE Cab 06 Throttles (tethered and radio) – call for price

Take a look and see what you may need. We’ll keep updating the website as to remaining stock levels and change the list again soon.

— Ray & Mary

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